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ECOPOTENTIAL is a large EU-H2020 project focusing on a targeted set of internationally recognised Protected Areas, blending Earth Observations from remote sensing and field measurements, data analysis and modelling of current and future ecosystem conditions and services. ECOPOTENTIAL considers cross-scale geosphere-biosphere interactions at regional to continental scales, addressing long-term and large-scale environmental and ecological challenges


Area-based fisheries management rules and Marine Protected Areas are increasingly recognised as the most effective solution to achieve marine conservation while granting the recovery of fish stocks and hence sustainable fisheries. However these results can realistically be achieved in the Mediterranean only if coherent and ecologically connected networks of protected areas and area-based management measures are implemented and enforced.


Schistosomiasis is one of the most important neglected tropical diseases worldwide, with enormous impacts in SubSaharan-Africa. MASTR-SLS is an acronym for MApping Schistosomiasis Risk in the Saint Louis region, Senegal. The project aims at producing reliable risk maps based on data and models. Such maps will both guide people to avoid the maximum exposure zones and will provide decision-makers with operational tools to take action (e.g. to give medical support) in the highest priority areas. 



Laurea (BSc) degree in Environmental Engineering and Land Planning, Milano

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Laurea (BSc) degree in Environmental Engineering and Land Planning, Milano

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Laurea (BSc) degree in Urban Planning: Cities, Environment and Landscapes, Milano

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Master (MSc) in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design, Piacenza

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